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  • Adriana Ferreira

Top Questions to Ask a Roofing Company Before a Signing a Contract

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Ensuring a sturdy roof over your residence is fundamental to the comfort, safety, and value of your home. While the market is awash with options, finding the right roofing contractor can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. As a leading McLean roofing company, A&M Roofing has distilled the essence of this decision-making process into a checklist of crucial questions.

1. How Long Have You Been in the Roofing Business?

Experience is vital. A contractor with years or even decades in the industry has a track record that speaks to their expertise and reliability.

2. Are You Fully Licensed and Insured?

A legitimate contractor should have the necessary licenses and insurance to operate in your state. This protects you from any unforeseen liabilities.

3. Can You Provide Local References?

Gauge the quality of their work through testimonials and feedback from local residents.

4. Do You Offer Written Estimates?

Transparent costs are crucial. A written estimate ensures there are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

5. How Will You Protect My Property?

Ensure the contractor takes precautions to protect your landscaping, driveway, and other areas of your property during the roofing process.

House during roof installation showing landscape with blue protective covers and crew on top of roof
An established roofing company in McLean, VA, like A&M Roofing, always implements measures to shield your landscape and property throughout the project.

6. What Warranties Do You Offer?

A robust warranty signifies a contractor's confidence in their work and materials. Understand the nuances – what's covered, durations, and exceptions.

7. How Do You Handle Unexpected Complications?

Weather delays, unforeseen damages, or other challenges can arise. A competent contractor will have a plan in place for such scenarios.

8. Who Is My Point of Contact?

Knowing who to reach out to for updates, questions, or concerns streamlines communication.

9. How Do You Ensure Safety On The Job?

A responsible contractor should have safety protocols to protect their crew and your property.

10. Which Roofing Materials Do You Recommend?

Your contractor should provide guidance on materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally durable, tailored to your needs.

11. What Sets You Apart From Other Contractors?

This provides the contractor with an opportunity to highlight their unique value propositions.

12. How Will You Handle Waste Disposal?

An eco-friendly disposal plan is indicative of a contractor's responsibility towards the environment.

13. Are You a Member of Any Roofing Associations?

Affiliations with professional bodies are usually a mark of credibility and continuous learning.

14. How Do You Calculate Ventilation?

Proper ventilation is vital for roof longevity. The contractor should have a method to ensure adequate airflow.

15. What Is Your Payment Schedule?

Clarity on payments – deposit, milestones, and final settlement – ensures financial transparency.

Final Thoughts:

A&M Roofing understands the weight of the decision homeowners face when selecting a roofing company in McLean, VA. This set of questions is designed to streamline your decision-making, ensuring you settle on a contractor that meets your precise needs.

Remember, a good roof isn't just about protection; it's about peace of mind. And A&M Roofing is committed to delivering both. Ready to secure your home with the finest roof installation in McLean, VA? Choose expertise, quality, and commitment. Choose A&M Roofing. Contact us today to learn more and to request a free estimate!"



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