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House with Synthetic Slate Roof
Aerial view of house with Synthetic Slate roofing

What is Synthetic Slate?

Most synthetic slates are a combination of plastic and rubber designed to mirror the elegance and uniqueness of authentic slates without having high expenses or installation headaches. Synthetic slate also typically contains impact modifiers that help withstand the impacts of nature. Not only are they more affordable but, last longer. 

Are there different types of Synthetic Slate?

The difference between synthetic slates is the various materials they have. Each material has its different characteristics, pricing, strengths, and weaknesses. These slates consist of diverse materials like plastics, polymers, clay, fiber cement, rubber, steel, and asphalt. 

How long does Synthetic Slate last?

As synthetic slates can be made of various materials, most have materials that are used as ultraviolet inhibitors to help reduce sun damage. With this advantage, a typical synthetic slate roof will last 40-50 years. But, with expertise and proper installation, a roof could last up to 100 years! 

How do I know it's time to replace my Synthetic Slate?

Although synthetic slates can last for quite a long time in the right conditions, slate tiles are prone to cracking and breaking towards the end of their life span, even more so if they've been constantly affected beyond normal weathering. Another way to see it might be time to replace would be some discoloration from the sun, if not properly maintained. If discoloration happens, it can be tedious to find replacement shingles that can match the none sun-bleached portion of the roof. It is more convenient to replace the whole roof if multiple shingles are missing in the future.

How much are estimates/inspections?

We at A&M Roofing provide you with free estimates/inspections because we care about your safety and are here to help. We are licensed and certified in Virginia with more than ten years of experience. 

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