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How to Handle Roof Damage from Storm Fairfax County

Updated: May 15

If you are in a panic due to roof damage from storm in Fairfax County, take a deep breath. Luckily, you have a skilled professional right around the corner to help you during this stressful time at A&M Roofing.

How Can a Storm Cause Roof Damage?

Whether you are experiencing a winter filled with heavy snow, a summer of scorching hot sunshine, or a spring with heavy rainfall, the weather can take a huge toll on your roof.

As a result of these extreme weather conditions, you may notice signs of damage such as leaks.

Below are some of the most commonly reported roof damages due to the weather in Northern Virginia.

Rain Damage

Perhaps the most common threat to a roof is the damage that can be done by the rain. Roof leaks due to rain damage not only compromise the integrity of your roof, but can also lead to other issues such as mold exposure, rotting, and even structural damage to your home.

Wind Damage

Strong winds are often the culprit for removing shingles from a roof, or for taking hard blows from flying debris which can leave your roof susceptible during the next rainy day.

Hail Damage

It may come as no surprise that hail is one of the biggest threats to roofs that are left defenseless against the heavy blows.

Signs of Roof Damage

The signs of roof damage are not always obvious to the naked eye which means you should always call your local roofer after a storm.

However, some signs you should always look for include:

  • Missing shingles

  • Damaged shingles

  • Missing flashing

  • Dented skylights, or vents

  • Damage to the chimney

  • Loose or peeling sealant

  • Water damage

Who to Call When You Have Roof Damage from Storm Fairfax County

If you have roof damage from a storm, please do not hesitate to call in the professionals at A&M Roofing right away at (703)584-5876.

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