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What to Do When You Need Roof Repairs in Fairfax County VA

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Do you know what to do when you need roof repairs in Fairfax County VA?

Many signs might indicate that you require a roof repair.


If your shingles are curling or buckling it is time to call a roofer to have this addressed as soon as possible.

Other indicators that it is time to call for help are if your shingles appear to be curled, or if they are losing granules.

Lastly, any missing shingles can compromise the integrity of your roof.

Roof Valleys

A strong indicator that your roof needs servicing is if the valleys on your roof are not performing efficiently.

This can be indicated through leaks.

Jammed Gutters

Granules from your shingles can clog your gutters if they start to fall off.

When this happens, the shingles have become too old to function safely and effectively and will need to be replaced.

Algae Issues

If you have airborne algae there can be many symptoms on your roof.

Always keep an eye out for dark streaks.

Moreover, moss can grow on your roof in areas that do not get enough sunlight.

This can become very damaging to your roof over the years.

Roof Inspections

The best way to care for your roof is to schedule regular inspections twice per year.

This is especially true for residents of areas that are often hit by extreme weather conditions.

What to Do When You Need Roof Repairs in Fairfax County VA

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