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Everything You Should Know About Chimney Leak Repair Near Me

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Did you know that leaks around your chimney are very common? If you are one of the millions who have a chimney leak, repair near you is necessary.

Why Are Chimney Leaks Common?

Leaking around the chimney is a common occurrence due to the sensitive nature of the flashing.

The flashing is the seal around the chimney that waterproofs it.

When the flashing has been compromised (bending, cracking, or seating) water can leak through.

How Do I Know if My Chimney is Leaking?

The best way to know if your chimney is leaking is to look at the ceiling inside of your house where the chimney enters the room.

If you see any signs of staining or sagging, you likely have a leak.

Moreover, if you can feel any moisture in the area or if you see any crumbling of the wall this may also be a sign of water leaking through.

Lastly, if you inspect the attic where the chimney enters from the roof, a compromised chimney will show stains, rotten wood, mold, mildew, or feel damp to the touch.

Can I Fix a Chimney Leak on My Own?

The chimney will require the attention of a professional roofer in order to fully assess the issues in the flashing that has caused leaking to occur.

A professional roofer will be able to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the issue in order to provide the best services to restore the flashing for proper function.

Who to Call for a Chimney Leak Repair Near Me

A&M Roofing is a local, family-owned class A roofing contractor in Northern Virginia that serves customers in Reston, Herndon, Great Falls, McLean, Falls Church, Fairfax County, as well as Leesburg and Ashburn, Loudoun County, and Prince William County.

If you are interested in working with A&M Roofing for your chimney leak repair, call us today at (703)584-5876 or email


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