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Can I Paint James Hardie Siding Installation? | Northern Virginia

Updated: Jun 26

If you are considering James Hardie siding installation in Northern Virginia, you may be curious if you can customize your siding by painting it a specific color.

The short answer is that this specific siding material does come primed and ready to be painted to complement your ideal home aesthetic.

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Should I Have My James Hardie Siding Painted On-Site or Pre-Painted?

Although James Hardie siding is primed for an on-site paint job, most contractors recommend selecting your paint color in advance to get the best results for a gorgeous finish.

James Hardie ColorPlus Technology

The ColorPlus Technology offered by James Hardie stands apart from the rest, coming in a range of colors that are all carefully curated to complement your home.

By having your color pre-painted, there is no need to stress over an on-site paint job, and you can review all of your color options in advance to choose the shade that works the best with your overall vision.

Long Lasting Colored Siding

The ColorPlus Technology was specifically designed to hold up against even the most intense weather conditions, including intense sunlight, wind, rain, and hail.

Moreover, you get results you can expect to last for a long time especially compared to a traditional siding paint job.

James Hardie Low Maintenance Siding

When you opt for the pre-painted James Hardie siding, you can trust that you will get to spend more time enjoying the beauty of your home and less time engaging in maintenance and upkeep due to fading, cracks, or chipping and peeling paint.

James Hardie Siding Installation in Northern Virginia

At A&M Roofing, we are proud to be certified and accredited by the nation's leading manufacturers. Our team of skilled professionals is available to discuss all of your home remodeling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a free estimate!



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