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Velux Skylights

Are you interested in installing new or replacing an old skylights system in your home? At A&M Roofing, we partnered with Velux to provide the best quality skylights that can create a gorgeous complement to your home without letting in rain, heat, or harmful UV rays. The skylights manufactured by Velux are truly extraordinary.

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Velux Patented Deck Seal Technology

Three layers of water protection for deck mounted skylights

Three layers of water protection for curb mounted skylights


Deck Seal

The pre-attached deck seal on all deck mounted skylights provides a seal between the frame and roof deck for a leak-proof installation.



A pre-attached skylight gasket provides a tight seal between a standard site-built curb and the skylight that caps off a leak-proof installation for curb mounted skylights.

Nicknamed The No-Leak Skylight, Velux is regarded as a world leader in skylights for homes across the country.

Sun Tunnels 

Well, what if your roof doesn't allow you to install a skylight? No need to worry as there is another way you can let that beautiful daylight into your home. Sun Tunnels help capture daylight and deliver it directly to the interior of your home without the need for complex construction. There are two different sun tunnel styles: Flexible and Rigid. 

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1. Clear UV resistant sheet or dome.

2. Highly Reflective Tunnel that delivers maximum from roof to ceiling

3. Versatile Design allows access between rafters and around some attic obstructions

4. Optional additional lighting controls allow for a moon-like nighttime glow to show or with just a flip of a switch you can have light at any time.

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5. The Ceiling Ring and Frosted Diffuser adds a decorative modern flair to your room while softly diffusing the natural light pouring in. 

Flexible Sun Tunnel

Rigid Sun Tunnel 

  • Easy and speedy installation

  • Easily bends around attic obstructions

  • helps diffuse sunlight in short runs

  • ideal for shorter tunnel runs 

  • Flexi Loc™ Tunnel system for easy and speedy assembly

  • Brighter white light 

  • Excellent for long runs 

  • Flexi Loc™ Tunnel system for easy and speedy assembly

When there are obstacles around the loft space needed to install a sun tunnel, Flexible Tunnels are the way to go. They can be installed easily because of their flexibility.

When there is a straight or unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling, Rigid Sun Tunnels are best. On some occasions, they can be slightly maneuverable.

Sun Tunnel Installation
As mentioned previously, the installation process for sun tunnels doesn't require any complex construction. The installation process is simple, made up of three simple steps.

1.  This step takes place in your attic, where the installer would go to check for rafter locations, take measurements, and mark off where on the roof and ceiling the holes will need to be made.
2. Up on the rooftop, the installer will cut a hole and install the top collar, the upper portion of the tunnel, lens, and flashing.
3. Once the installer has made the hole and is back inside, they will cut a hole in the ceiling and install the lower portion of the reflective tunnel to connect the two holes and seal the tunnel seam. Without forgetting to install the diffuser and trim the ring in the ceiling. 

Solar Powered with Rain Sensors

One unique feature provided by Velux is a small solar panel on the outside of the skylight. The rain sensor in these skylights prompts it to close at the first sign of rain or snow.

This solar panel stores and charges the battery. With this, you can open and close your skylight even on days where there is no sun.

Skylight Blinds

You can complete your Velux skylight with Velux blinds. Velux blinds offer a great variety of effective sun screening to suit every need. You can choose from a whole array of different colors with manual or electrically or solar powered operations. 

Remote Controlled

You will receive a small remote control that can give you access to open and close your skylight without having to jump up and do it by hand.

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Specialized Glass

The newest skylight models by Velux keep a clean glass surface that can block the outside noise from penetrating your home.


Our partners at Velux are confident in their services which is why they provide a 10-year warranty on product and installation for your convenience and peace of mind.

Skylights Installation in Northern Virginia

At A&M Roofing, we have Licensed Virginia Class A Contractors who specialize in all types of roofing and exterior renovations.

That is why we strive to provide the best quality material while providing an intentional and thoughtful focus on customer service and performance.

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