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Who Are the Best Roofers in Northern Virginia?

Updated: Jan 27

It is important to do your homework when searching for the best roofers in Northern Virginia.

After all, a quality roof can protect you and your loved ones for a lifetime, but only if it is done right.

Price Shopping

It can be an attractive instinct to price shop in order to get the “best deal” on a roofing company.

However, often times the roofers who are offering the cheapest prices are typically able to do so by cutting corners.

In many cases, these roofing companies may be inexperienced, or they may even be using the cheapest quality materials in order to validate the low price.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t price shop, though.

While the best roofers in Northern Virginia will not be cheap, you should be able to find one offering a fair price for their services.

Credential Check

When looking for the best roofing company for you, look for a company with a fair price and great reviews.

Additionally, you should always qualify their credentials, references, and portfolio, all of which should be displayed on their website.

The best roofers will offer great quality work, for a competitive price.

Local vs. Chain

It is a common misconception that your local roofer is not as good of an option as the big chain company.

This is untrue.

In fact, your local roofer likely has insight in to the insurance and permit requirements for your area better than a big chain might.

Roofing FAQ

Roofing repairs and replacements require a lot of decision making. We want you to be prepared when you invest in a roof replacement or roof repair. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about roofing.

Do I need a new roof?

Sometimes this is obvious. For example, if you have a hole in your roof, leaks, animals in the attic or missing shingles. Other times, the signs may be more subtle, and therefore, easier to miss. If you have curling shingles, missing or damaged flashing, ice dams or discolored ceilings and walls, you probably need a new roof. Even without these signs, if your roof in more than 12-15 years old, it may be time to get a replacement. Being proactive can avoid many problems that arise from a damaged roof.

How long does a new roof last?

This depends on many things, like the materials you choose, the way its installed, as well as the ventilation. Typically, a good, well-constructed roof will last between 12-15 years. With the right materials and underlayment, that number can go up to 50 years or more.

What time of year should I replace a roof?

Roofers work all year long but summer and fall are usually busier. Winter conditions like snow, rain, ice and sleet can impact the safety of workers and cause delays. Dryer, warmer months are when most people choose to get their roof replaced.

How much does a new roof cost?

Again, this varies greatly. You have to consider several factors like the size, style, shape and materials of the new roof, the removal of the old roof, as well as other features like skylights, chimneys and vents that the contractor has to work around.

A roof replacement is a big investment, so its important to examine your unique situation before giving a quote.

Which roofing material is best?

The style and shape of your roof will determine whether you need a flat roof or a shingle roof. Your budget will most likely be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the material. There are many available materials from traditional asphalt shingles to designer shingles. You also need to consider other materials that make up your roof like decking, drip edge, underlayment, flashing, ice and water shield and ventilation.

Should I replace the roof before selling?

Some studies show that 40% of a home’s curb appeal is based on the condition and aesthetic of the roof. If your roof is in bad shape or in need of major repairs, you may have a hard time selling. In today’s market, many buyers are on a strict budget, meaning they can’t afford major repairs after they buy a home. Replacing the roof before you sell can help you avoid any issues with selling.

Can I DIY roof replacement?

While some DIYs turn out fine, roofing is not one of them. Each year thousands of people take tumbles off the roof or ladders while trying to do repairs or maintenance. Roofing is one of the most dangerous DIY projects you can attempt. It’s best left to the professional.

Furthermore, you could violate your roof’s current warranty by doing improper work. This can result in expensive repairs down the line.

Have more questions? Contact the roofing experts at A&M Roofing to learn more!

Best Roofers in Northern Virginia

A&M Roofing is proud to be a SELECT ShingleMaster (SSM) certified roofing company.

This is the top credential by CertainTeed and represents the highest standards in the roofing industry.

A&M Roofing is a local, family-owned class A roofing contractor in Northern Virginia that serves customers in Reston, Herndon, Great Falls, McLean, Falls Church, Fairfax County, as well as Leesburg and Ashburn, Loudoun County, and Prince William County.

If you are interested in working with A&M Roofing, call us today at (703)584-5876 or email info@amroofingva.com.

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