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What to Consider About Aluminum Siding Installation

Updated: Jun 26

If you are considering opting for aluminum siding installation in Northern Virginia, you may be curious about the potential benefits.

Aluminum siding can be an excellent choice for your home. However, there are some things to consider.

1- Aluminum Siding Thickness

The soft metal nature of aluminum siding makes the thickness important.

Your local Northern Virginia exterior remodeling contractor should be able to help you choose the ideal thickness for your home based on the geographic location you live in.

The standard level of thickness falls around 44 gauge; however, many homeowners opt for a thicker option to best protect their homes.

In fact, choosing a thicker aluminum siding material may even hold up long enough to avoid having to reside again for at least 35 years or more.

2- Aluminum Siding Design Options

You can choose between horizontal and vertical panels to complement your ideal aesthetic and even paint it your perfect color.

Moreover, you can choose from many textures and patterns and even find siding that looks just like wood for a rustic look.

Lastly, aluminum is a generally low-maintenance product that is easy to clean and which lasts for many years.

Insulation Qualities of Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is one of the best options to insulate your home, and it is believed to insulate even better than vinyl siding.

Aluminum is light, easy to install, and completely waterproof. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly choice. Ply Gem’s high-grade Aluminum Siding is 100% recyclable and includes up to 67% recycled materials.

Considering the money you can save on heating and cooling costs due to efficient insulation is essential.

Aluminum Siding Installation

At A&M Roofing we are proud to be a Virginia Class A Contractor specializing in roofing and other exterior renovations for homeowners across Northern Virginia.

Our team of skilled professionals is available to discuss your remodeling needs today, including your siding options.

To speak with a team member and learn more about our services or request a free estimate, please call us today at (703)584-5876.


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