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What is the Best Time of the Year to Replace a Roof?

Updated: Jun 26

If you're considering replacing your roof, you're likely aware of what a significant decision it is. Leaking, sagging, and missing shingles may signal that it is indeed time for that replacement.

Regardless of the size of your house, this is a critical choice that must be made with time. You'll want to choose a top Northern Virginia roofing contractor to handle the job and pick a time when the weather will most likely cooperate.

The Best Season to Replace Your Roof

Rainfall, snowfall, humidity, and heat are all seasonal elements that can significantly affect roofing installation and roof repair. These weather patterns may impact the speed at which the task can be finished.

In addition to the weather, seasons can impact the availability of roofers in Northern Virginia. For instance, Northern VA roofing companies are often busier in the spring and summer.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each season for roof installation.


During summer, the climate is warmer, and the days are also longer. Summer is the preferred time to replace your roof due to the excellent chance of clear weather.

On the other hand, roofers in Northern Virginia are likely to be busier in the summer. Additionally, storms get more severe in the later months, and the extreme heat in the peak of summer is sometimes too harsh for outdoor labor. So, start early in the summer for the best chance of completing your project before hurricane season.


The race to cross things off your home renovation to-do list starts as the weather slowly warms. If you have had problems throughout the winter, fixing your roof is likely near the top of your list.

Re-roofing your house is a great project to take on in the spring. Though rainier than summer, spring weather is warm enough to allow for working outside, and roofing contractors’ schedules are not as hectic yet. Late spring is an excellent time to schedule roof repair or replacement in the Northern Virginia area.


The change to cooler weather creates an ideal opportunity for roof replacements. Additionally, having your new roof in place before winter will help lower your heating bills and protect your family from snow storms.

Mild weather and temperatures suitable for the crew are two reasons many Northern VA roofing companies regard fall as the perfect time to replace your roof.


While upgrading your home's roof in cold temperatures offers some challenges, it can be done if you follow the proper procedures. You'll need to plan for a time with the lowest chance of snowfall since re-roofing is impossible in heavy snow.

The main advantages of having your roof installed in the winter are that more roofing companies are available, and you might get a better deal because it is the least busy time.


The great news is that, provided you're working with a skillful Northern VA roofing company, you can rebuild your roof any time of the year. Establishing what season might be most appropriate for your house depends on the condition of your roof, the amount of tree coverage, and which type of roofing you want.

For expert advice on re-roofing your residence or commercial property, contact A&M Roofing anytime.



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