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Understanding Roofing Warranty Options: A Homeowner's Guide

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Your roof's warranty is your number one source of coverage, comfort, and peace of mind when you need work done on your home. But do you truly understand the ins and outs of roof warranties?

Understanding coverage options is extremely important so homeowners can make informed decisions about their roofing in VA, including which professionals to call on and which protections are best.

A&M Roofing crew during asphalt shingle roof installation in Northern Virginia
A&M Roofing Crew Installing Asphalt Shingles

Keep reading to learn the basics of each type of roof warranty so you'll know what your Northern Virginia roofing company offers when you need to replace your roof.

Standard Manufacturer's Roofing Warranties

This warranty covers the products and materials for roof replacement – the shingles, underlayment, or ice and water shield, for instance – and protects you from manufacturing defects, faulty products, or failures. Any proven factory errors with the products allow the homeowner to file a claim with the manufacturers.

But note that manufacturers' warranties are pro-rated and only cover the cost of the materials. They typically do not provide compensation for the cost of labor.

Using reputable Northern Virginia roofing contractors, like A&M Roofing, for your project is crucial to maintain your warranty's validity.

Contractor Workmanship Warranties

Once you've hired roofers in Northern Virginia, they should provide you with a contractor workmanship warranty. This warranty covers any defects due to the installation of the roofing materials, protecting the homeowner in the event of installation errors.

Professional Northern Virginia roofing contractors should willingly offer you a workmanship warranty lasting up to five years or negotiable, proving they stand behind their high-quality customer service without any reservations.

But note that a workmanship warranty is only as good as the company offering it. That is why choosing a properly licensed, insured, and certified roofing contractor is essential.

Extended Manufacturer Warranties

If you want more comprehensive coverage for your roof replacement in Northern Virginia, many manufacturers partner with select contractors to provide homeowners with an extended warranty.

Extended manufacturer warranties provide customers with the best coverage. Leading manufacturers only partner with top roofing contractors that meet rigorous qualifications. They typically assess the contractors to verify they carry adequate insurance, are licensed, have a satisfactory credit rating, and pass extensive installation training and inspections.

Extended warranties are guaranteed by the manufacturers and protect the homeowner against material defects and workmanship defects. If it is determined that your roof has material defects or workmanship errors, most manufacturers will repair or replace it with no out-of-pocket expense to the homeowner.

The benefits of this comprehensive coverage are:

  • Ongoing protection against defective materials

  • All roof system components are covered

  • Installation errors by the contractor are also covered

Warranty Stipulations

Register your warranty. You are given a specified time frame to register your warranty with the manufacturer. Be sure to adhere to this deadline. If you don't, you may run into problems in the future if you need to make a claim.

Maintain your roof by consulting with a Northern Virginia roofing company. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer's specifications to validate the warranty requirements. Don't fall for the "maintenance-free" myth! Keeping your roof up-to-date with your maintenance checklist is highly recommended.

Work With Trusted Local Roofers in Northern Virginia

Roof repairs and replacements aren't to be taken lightly. Your home's structural integrity depends on having a sturdy shelter overhead – its rooftop is as fundamental to its longevity as its foundation.

It's worth doing the legwork to find the best roofers in Northern Virginia with the most extensive workmanship and manufacturer's warranties.

A&M Roofing is proud to be an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor and a CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster, top-level roofing credentials in the industry, which allows us to offer a higher level of extended warranties than other roofing contractors. Our knowledgeable team will explain all your coverage options in detail and ensure you understand what's covered before signing anything.

By going local, you can also be assured that your roofers understand all there is to know about Northern Virginia's weather and climate conditions and how they affect your roofing warranty.

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