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  • Adriana Ferreira

The Benefits of Adding a Skylight to Your Home in Northern Virginia

Updated: May 18, 2023

In recent years, roofers in Northern Virginia have received more and more requests from homeowners to install skylights on their properties.

Asphalt shingle roof with four skylights installed by A&M Roofing

Not only can skylights increase a home's resale value, but they can also reduce the cost of utility bills and provide a natural, eco-friendly heating source.

The benefits of having skylights are numerous - keep reading to learn more!

1. Natural Light

There are several advantages to increasing the amount of natural light a room receives. In addition to making a room feel bigger and more welcoming, natural light has been proven to increase productivity and mental well-being.

If you have a dark, cramped room in your house that you rarely use, having a skylight installed by professional roofing contractors can serve as an excellent alternative to knocking down interior walls or merely using the room for storage.

2. Ventilation

Your local Northern Virginia roofing company can install a skylight that opens and closes to improve your room's ventilation and air quality. These skylights are operated electronically; you can open the window and enjoy the fresh air at the push of a button.

During the summer, skylights in Northern Virginia can serve as an alternative to relying on air conditioning. This offers homeowners an environmentally friendly alternative to costly HVAC systems.

3. Reduced Utility Bills

Skylight installation in Northern Virginia can lower your utility bills.

As previously mentioned, the ventilation provided by skylights can be used as an alternative to air conditioning.

Additionally, the natural light let in through the glass can serve as a form of solar heating, keeping a space warmer during the winter months. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, south-facing skylights provide the highest levels of natural heating.

Contact A&M Roofing to discuss where a skylight would be most effective in your home.

4. Resale Value

A skylight that has been efficiently installed can increase your home's resale value. As the benefits of natural light are becoming more widely known and more people are looking for homes with eco-friendly assets, skylights have become a desirable feature.

If you are considering selling your property, a skylight could add equity to your home.

5. Privacy

It's no secret that property developers are building houses closer together to get the most out of a plot of land. This has severely diminished the privacy people once enjoyed in their homes.

Skylight installation in Northern Virginia presents an alternative to regular windows that force you to share the interior view of your home with your neighbors. Since they're placed on your roof, skylights grant you access to both natural light and ventilation while allowing you to maintain your privacy.

6. Save Money with the Federal Solar Tax Credit!

Skylights are a sustainable solution that reduces your carbon footprint and supports a healthier planet. And now, with the Federal Solar Tax Credit, there's never been a better time to install skylights, sun tunnels, or solar-powered blinds.

When you Go Solar and purchase VELUX solar-powered products for your home, you are eligible for a federal solar tax credit of 30% on the entire cost of your products and installation.

Final Thoughts

Technological advances mean that the heat loss and glare concerns that once deterred people from installing skylights are a thing of the past.

Contact the experts at A&M Roofing to discuss your skylight questions with the most trusted roofers in Northern Virginia. From providing a quote to discussing the extra features you could add to your skylight, our roofing specialists are ready to serve you.



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