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Roofing Company Near Me: Should I Hire a Roofer or a Contractor?

Updated: Jun 22

If your roof is damaged, there is no time to waste. You will need to find the best roofing company near you to get your life back to normal.

But with so many options, it can be difficult to know whether you need a roofer or a general contractor to complete the job.

We explore the benefits of hiring a roofer over a contractor below.

What is a General Contractor?

You may be tempted to hire a general contractor for your damaged roof.

After all, they tend to be the far less expensive option, especially when compared to your local roofing company.

However, when it comes to something as important as your roof you are likely in better hands with a person who specializes in roof repair for the best and safest results.

Why Hire a Roofer?

A professional roofer understands the intricacies of the roof and they are professionally trained to anticipate and address any potential issues.

Moreover, roofers will likely have the specialized equipment necessary to safely get onto your rooftop and feel most comfortable working on even the steepest roofs.

Additionally, your local roofer has a vast knowledge of roof issues and will be more likely to notice other concerns, which can save you money, in the long run, to prevent future issues from occurring.

The Best Roofing Company Near Me

At A&M Roofing, we are a Licensed Virginia Class A Contractor specializing in all types of roofing and exterior renovations.

If your roof has been compromised, don’t waste your time attempting to fix it yourself. We are uniquely qualified to fix it so that you and your family can remain healthy and safe.

To learn more and to request a free estimate, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.


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