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Is My Metal Roof Making My House Hotter? | Roofing Company Falls Church

Updated: May 21, 2023

It is a misconception that a metal roof can make a home hotter. In fact, a properly installed metal roof can actually help keep a house cooler by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat transfer.

red brick house with metal roof

Your local Falls Church roofer answers this subject in depth below.

Do Metal Roofs Make a House Hotter?

No, a metal roof does not make a house hotter.

You may be surprised to learn that the nature of a metal roof actually encourages a cooler home when properly installed. This is due to the low thermal mass and reflection of light and heat as opposed to a traditional asphalt roof, which may absorb heat and increase your home's temperature.

How Does Roof Finish Affect Heat Retention?

Different roof finishes can influence how much heat your metal roof retains. Metal roofs can be designed with reflective coatings or finishes that enhance their ability to reflect sunlight and reduce heat transfer.

These coatings can also help reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof itself, which can lower the indoor temperature. By carefully selecting a finish for your roofing in Falls Church, you can keep your home cool while reducing energy costs.

Does The Color of My Roof Matter?

Yes, the color of the metal roof can impact how much heat it absorbs.

It is well known that dark colors absorb more heat than the more reflective lighter colors. This is the same principle for roofs. If you want a roof that retains less heat, you should choose a lighter color.

Is a Metal Roof More Energy Efficient?

Yes, a metal roof can be more energy efficient than other roofing materials. There are key factors that contribute to a metal roof's energy efficiency.

  • Metal roofs have a high solar reflectance, meaning they reflect a significant amount of sunlight and heat away from the house rather than absorbing it.

  • Metal roofs can also be designed with insulation and ventilation systems that enhance their energy efficiency. Insulation helps prevent heat transfer between the roof and the house's interior. At the same time, ventilation allows air to circulate under the roof and avoid heat buildup, keeping your home cool even in the warmest summer weather.

  • Metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, which means they require less maintenance and replacement compared to other roofing materials. This can also result in energy savings and reduced environmental impact.

Who is the Best Roofing Contractor in Falls Church, VA?

Overall, while the initial cost of a metal roof may be higher than other roofing materials, its energy efficiency and durability can result in long-term cost savings and environmental benefits.

A&M Roofing is a local Class-A licensed roofing contractor that serves customers in Falls Church as well as the entire Northern Virginia region.

We are proud to be certified and accredited by the nation's leading manufacturers, making us the #1 choice for roof replacement in Falls Church, VA. Our team of skilled professionals is available to discuss all of your home remodeling needs. Contact us today to learn more about metal roofs and request a free estimate!

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