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How Much Value Does a New Roof Add to Your Home?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Your roof is probably the most crucial aspect of your home. It keeps you warm, dry, and safe, and you can't build a house without one! Plus, a new roof adds considerable value to your home (if you take good care of it, that is). This is why it's essential to regularly check for faults and ensure constant maintenance throughout the year.

Here's how much value (and not just in terms of money) a new roof can add to your property straight from professional roofing contractors.

1. It Improves the Appearance of Your Home

Any professional roofer in Northern Virginia will tell you that a new roof will improve your home's appearance exponentially. Increased curb appeal equals a higher property value. And if you're looking to sell, curb appeal is a significant consideration.

Moss, dirt, and debris accumulate over the years. Without regular inspections and roof cleaning, this will drive down the value of your home in a buyer’s eyes. Imagine the real estate agent trying to find the best angle on roofing that is covered with lichen. It just doesn’t work.

A good roofing company in Northern Virginia can clean up your roof and check for any interior damage caused by unwanted growth. It’s a great first step, but there’s more.

2. It Makes your Home more Efficient

Energy efficiency and sustainability are critical when it comes to roofing in Northern VA or any other parts of the US. As the need and popularity have grown, so have roofing materials. As energy prices are sky-high, any potential buyer will want to know the property’s energy ratings.

Nowadays, there are asphalt shingles on the market that can reflect solar heat, which, of course, improves the energy efficiency of your property. This is valuable information for your buyer.

An expert roofing contractor can install a new roof with better insulation measures to make your home more energy-efficient. Metal roofing is especially effective, as it reflects light and heat, meaning your HVAC system doesn’t need to work as hard in the hot Virginia summer.

3. It Increases the Overall Value of Your Home

So how much does installing new roofing in Northern VA increase the value of your property? The general consensus is that investing in new roofing offers an ROI of 60-70% – so if you pay $10,000 for a new roof, your property’s value may increase by around $16-17,000.

Not only does a brand-new structure increases the aesthetic appeal and value, but it also boosts the functional value, which can help you sell your home more easily. Suppose your potential buyers find out your roof looks good but doesn't function properly. In that case, they're less likely to buy or pay the asking price, as they'll inevitably have to hire a roofing company to fix any problems.

4. It Can Lower your Home Insurance

A new roof can lower your home insurance premium anywhere between 5% to 35% depending on building materials, location, and carrier. Most homeowners can expect to see their home insurance policy premium drop by 20% after replacing the roof.

5. You Will Have a New Warranty

A new roof means your property will be covered by a new warranty. Northern Virginia roofers can provide fairly long warranties depending on the materials used – a warranty is a valuable document when you’re advertising your property to a potential buyer. It guarantees that they’ll be protected in case there are any issues with their new roof.

New Roof = More Value

The best roofing contractors in Northern Virginia are passionate about the quality and appearance of every roof they work on.

It’s worth speaking to all parties – your insurer, your estate agent, and a licensed roofer – to understand how a new roof adds value. When you’re sure you’re making the right choice, contact us to start your project!



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