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5 Signs That Your Roof May Need To Be Replaced

It’s hard to determine if you need a new roof just by looking at it. Damage is often found in areas that aren't visible from the ground.

Below are five signs that it's time to call a professional Northern Virginia roofing contractor.

1. Damaged Shingles

There are many forms of shingle damage. You may notice missing or broken shingles. If this happens, it's probably due to aging, and it's better to get a new roof than to keep replacing missing shingles.

You may also notice that the edges of the shingles are curled, or the layer of granules is gone. You can check your gutters to see if any loose granules are collected there. If there are, it's time to call a local Northern Virginia roofer and schedule an inspection.

Another way to tell that your shingles are damaged is if they have small blisters. This is often due to moisture or gas buildup underneath. If this blister breaks, your roof's flashing could be in serious trouble.

Contact a licensed and insured Northern Virginia roofing company if you think your roof structure has damaged shingles.

2. Leaks

If you see water leaking from your ceiling, it's likely due to a damaged roof. Contact a licensed roofing company in northern VA to prevent further damage. Leaks can create many issues, such as mold and mildew.

Finding where a leak is coming from can be tricky. Remember that water damage can spread, so it’s best to address the issue immediately and reach out to a certified roofer.

3. Presence Of Algae or Moss

Rainy weather is expected in Virginia, which can lead to algae growth on shingles. Algae spread quickly. When one shingle develops algae, it typically spreads to others, weakening your roof.

If your roof doesn't get much sunlight, moss may also be found. Moss grows in cool, humid climates and can become more than a cosmetic issue. Call a roofer in northern Virginia immediately if you cannot see the top of your roof due to algae or moss.

4. Rust

If you own a metal roof, rust is a sign of aging. Rust and corrosion happen when the metal comes into contact with moisture. When that happens, it creates a chemical reaction. The longer it's exposed to humidity, the faster rust and corrosion will spread.

Although metal is a durable material, rusting can weaken the roof. Like other issues that aren't easily caught, rust is hard to see from the ground.

5. Neighbors are Replacing Their Roofs

You should pay attention to when your neighbors are replacing their roofs. Homes built around the same period can be expected to replace their roof around the same time.

The roofs are experiencing the same type of weather conditions which can give you an idea of when you should begin to look for a reputable roofing company in northern VA to replace your roof.

Final Thoughts

If you've noticed any of the signs above, it's time for a new roof. Get in touch with a licensed and insured Northern Virginia roofing company today!



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