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Understanding How the Weather in Northern Virginia Impacts Your Roof

Updated: Jun 26

Severe weather is one of the greatest risks you have to worry about when owning a home in Northern Virginia. Storms are responsible for much of the damage a roof can sustain over its lifespan.

Fortunately, there are plenty of steps that you can take to fortify your roof against these damages - including booking regular inspections with top roofing contractors in Northern Virginia.

Below you'll learn more about the weather conditions to look out for in this region and what you can do to help reduce its impacts.

Weather Patterns in Northern Virginia

The weather in Northern Virginia can be pretty extreme at times, as you probably already know! You can expect to see anything from high-speed winds to snow and hail because of how vastly different each season can be.

During the summer, temperatures range from roughly 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You can expect lots of heavy rain and even hail or hurricanes.

When winter hits, and the temperatures drop, look out for intense snowstorms and freezing rain.

Some of the more extreme weather events throughout the year include:

• High-speed winds and Derechos

• Severe thunderstorms and tropical storms

• Flooding

• Hail

• Hurricanes

• Blizzards

Severe Weather Impacts on Your Roof and What You Can Do

Intense Winds

High-speed winds are a leading cause of roof damage. Winds can cause branches to fall from trees and collide with roofs, and they can also shift downspouts and gutters. They also kick up debris that can puncture your shingles or become lodged on your roof.

Northern Virginia roofing companies recommend that you keep an eye on all trees around your home and ensure they stay properly trimmed. Have trained professionals remove any branches that are in danger of falling on your roof.

Consider updating your downspouts and gutters to steel to protect your roof's drainage system. Steel provides more resistance to high-speed winds and rust.

Rain and Snow Damage

Any time rain or snow falls on your roof, watch carefully for leaks and dark spots in your attic. These signs usually indicate water seeping through your shingles.

Identifying problems early on is the best course of action. Call local Northern Virginia roofing contractors if you notice any signs of water damage in your attic after a storm.


Hail can wreak havoc on your property and causes many issues for Northern Virginia roofing companies each year. Installing hail guards around your AC or pool heater can protect these structures; unfortunately, there aren't many preventative options for your roof.

Before every storm season and after every hail incident, have professional roofers in Northern Virginia take a look at your roof and make sure it hasn't incurred any damage.

Contact A&M Roofing Today!

Taking care of your home is a challenging task. Professional roofers in Northern Virginia agree that it takes a strong team and a lot of proactive work to mitigate and prevent unnecessary damage to your roof and home.

Contact A&M Roofing today to ensure your home can sustain any storm Northern Virginia throws your way!


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