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Roof leaks can damage many areas of your home, in places you can’t even see. That’s why it is so important to speak to the best roof repair company in Northern Virginia. Acting fast can prevent more damage and save you time and money in the long run. While there are countless ways that roof leaks can cause damage to your home, here are the most common.

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Damaged Ceilings

When water drips through cracked shingles, dislodged flashing or cracked roofing cement, it will eventually make its way to your interior ceilings. Those ceilings will then become discolored, stained, or even start to grow mildew and mold. If the damage is severe enough, the ceiling may become flimsy, break, and even fall down.

Insulation Damage

If your roof shingles are unchecked and leaking, the insulation in your home can become damaged. This typically happens in the attic, but it can also affect insulation in the ceilings. The insulation gets damp, moldy and can even grow black mold. Furthermore, insulation loses its R-value and usually needs to be replaced.

Stained Walls

If rainwater is entering your home, it could be running behind or on top of the drywall used in your home. The walls may become dull gray over time or grow mildew and mold. The drywall may also begin to break and crumble.

Structural Damage

The words no homeowner wants to hear. If your roof leaks a large amount, or for a long period of time, the wood rafters in your roof, roof decking, attic floor beams, wall studs and other structural components in your house can become weakened. If the leak continues, they could even mold and rot out. If you suspect a leak, it is imperative that you call the best roof repair company in Northern Virginia as soon as possible.

Floor Damage

Your floor can take major damage from roof leaks. Floor beams, plywood, carpeting, and particularly hardwood flooring can become very damaged if a leak isn’t fixed in time. If your floors are continuously soaked with water, it can become uneven or start to sag in areas. Not to mention that wet floors are slippery and a significant fall hazard.

Personal Property Loss

The contents of your home can become damaged from roof leaks. Your artwork on the walls, appliances, electronics, expensive furniture, clothing, and all that stuff stored in the attic or garage, can all become damaged or destroyed by a roof leak.

Roof Leaks & Foundation Issues

Most people never consider this one, but roof leaks can cause foundation damage. If the water overflows your gutters and runs down the home’s foundation, it can destroy fascia board or enter the home. This can cause many issues with your foundation including upheaval over time. This may also be caused by damaged or clogged gutters, so its important to keep them well maintained.

Additionally, water damage around windows and doors can cause gaping window frames or doors that stick shut.

Best Roof Repair Northern Virginia

When it comes to roof leaks, time is of the essence. Getting your roof repaired is an urgent matter and acting quickly can prevent extensive damage. If you have a roof leak and need a quick repair, contact A&M Roofing, on of the best roof repair specialists in Northern Virginia.

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