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How Much Will My Roof Replacement Cost from the Best Roofers in Falls Church VA?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The time to think about replacing your roof is not during a storm, or after significant damage has been made. You protect yourself and your family when you hire the best roofers in Falls Church VA to watch over your roof.

How Much Does the Average Roof Replacement Cost?

If you are trying to determine a ballpark cost of a roof replacement into your budget you should know that generally, it can range from $5,400 to upwards of $11,000.

But, don’t panic! We understand that those numbers can be scary. Let’s talk through factors to consider in advance of your roof replacement.

How is a Roof Replacement Cost Calculated?

There are many factors that will influence the final cost of your roof replacement.

Some of these factors may be outside of your control such as your geographic location, the weather, and the size of your roof.

However, there are some factors that you can control such as the material used for your new roof.

Another overlooked factor that can affect your final cost is how accessible your roof is to the contractors who will be working on it. Single story homes generally require less harnessing and work to get on top of the roof which can impact your bottom line.

Best Materials for Roof Replacement

Perhaps the most impactful component of your final cost is in the shingles that you choose for your new roof.

However, be thoughtful with your decision.

Luxury roofing materials may cost more now, but they will likely protect your home for longer than less expensive options. Moreover, these luxury shingles will usually raise the value of your home should you choose to sell it in the future.

However, there are plenty of affordable options such as asphalt shingles that look great and are functional and effective.

How Do I Know Which Shingles to Order for My New Roof?

The best person to talk to during the selection process is your trusted contracting company.

Not only will they have professional insights as to the best materials based on your home and location, but they will also have relationships with shingle companies to help you get the best deal for your home.

It is Expensive to Remove My Old Roof?

While it is possible to place a new roof on top of an existing one, if there is significant damage done to your roof it will likely need to be removed completely.

Your contractor will be the best person to share their rates on roof removal, however, you can generally expect it fall anywhere between $1-5 per square foot or an hourly range between $40-80 per hour.

What About Partial Roof Replacement?

In some cases, a partial replacement may be an option that can save you money where applicable.

This can be a great option in the case where only a portion of your roof is damaged and can save you money on shingle costs, however, permits and removal costs will likely stay the same.

Can I Replace My Own Roof?

It is never advised that you attempt to replace a roof on your own. In fact, mistakes during a self-installation will likely cost you greatly as you need repairs and replacements in the future.

The Best Roofers in Falls Church VA

At A&M Roofing we are proud to be a Virginia Class A Contractor that specializes in roofing and exterior renovations for homeowners across Virginia.

Our team of professionals is available to discuss all of your roofing needs today.

To speak with a member of our team, please feel free to call us today at (703)584-5876.

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