Flat Roofing

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What is flat roofing?

Flat roofing is nothing new, as seen commonly in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. But, this doesn't mean they are not for residential homes as well. Flat roofs, also known as low slope roofs, are not commonly seen in residential homes, as with heavy rainfall, water tends to accumulate. Although accumulating water can become a big problem, there is a way to prevent it. Flat roofs have a slope between 5°-15° that allows water to flow into a drain system such as eaves, drainage holes, or other outlets. Flat roofs provide an aesthetic look and design to your home in a unique way. If you are fond of the landscape or cityscape around your home, a flat roof can complement the view without obscuring it.

Are there different types of flat roofing?

Homeowners have the opportunity to choose between different types of flat roofing options. With various options, it can be challenging to choose the one that would best suit you. But, we at A&M Roofing are always happy to help and recommend which style would best meet your roofing needs. We provide you with the options of choosing between Thermoplastic Membrane Flat Roof, Build Up Roofs, Rubber Membrane Roofing, and Modified Bitumen Flat roof. 

How long does flat roofing last?

Like most roofs, the life expectancy of a roof depends not only on the material but also on the installation process. Typically, most flat roofing lasts for 25 years. But, if properly installed, a flat roof can last longer, and a proper draining system also contributes to having a longer-lasting roof.

How do I know it's time to replace my flat roof?

Though flat roofs can last for some time and have advantages over sloped roofs, they will eventually run their course. There are three main signs you should look out for before you have a problem on your hands. Extensive pooling of water, large rips, tears, or any visible damage in the material or seams are the most common and detectable. The main weakness of a flat roof is the pooling of water. Pooling of water means water has been collecting on the flat rooftop for 48 hours or more. If you are ever unsure of the condition of your roof and suspect it's coming to the end of its life, it is best to contact a professional to perform an inspection. 

How much are estimates/inspections?

We at A&M Roofing provide you with free estimates/inspections because we care about your safety and are here to help. We are licensed and certified in Virginia with more than ten years of experience. 

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